Five songs for soprano and piano, to poems by Christina Rees.


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‘To One’ is published by UMP.

  1. 25 October 1985, Harston Village Hall, (Cambs, UK), Christina Rees (soprano), Richard Lambert (piano)

    In a letter to the composer dated 11 November 1985, Elizabeth Poston wrote: “Harston was very special because it was the nicest surprise imaginable, & all with the Richard hallmark. No one else could have thought of that enchanting mixture, all so perfectly in place & in the very nicest Village Hall of my experience. A joy throughout. A lovely opportunity, too, to hear your songs in which I particularly admired your playing – not an easy piano part – while one was rather taken up trying to get the words, tho’ the main thing was a hearing of the whole, & that was very rewarding.”

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