By Richard Lambert

Longman guide

Longman Study Guide: GCSE Music (published Addison Wesley Longman Limited)

  • First published 1990 (two impressions);
  • Second edition 1993 (two impressions); 
  • Third edition 1997 (third impression 2000).  ISBN 0582-30497– 0

This guide covered all the current syllabuses, to maximise success in all aspects of Listening and Appraising, Performing and Composing.  Containing many hints and ideas on final revision before submitting coursework or sitting a written paper, it also gave many helpful suggestions for the various practical examinations.

The various syllabuses were clearly outlined, with their requirements explained in detail. Specimen and actual past questions from the different Exam Groups were reproduced, enabling familiarity with different styles of question. Some gave typical student responses with suggestions for improvement; others provided a tutor’s model solution. Much emphasis was placed in the book on musical analysis – not only to help with set works but also with composition work.

There were several glossaries included – on composers, instruments, musical terms and well-known performers. Despite these syllabuses now being out of date, the glossaries especially are still proving to be of help to students, and secondhand copies are still available online.

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