A lively carol anthem for SATB choir, oboe, small drum and organ mixing bare fifth and modern choral harmony with a shawn-like Arabic flavour.

  • 1978/1992
  • Two minutes, 10 seconds


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(Previously published in ‘Music’ GCSE Revise Guide: Longman 1993 (1st imp, 2nd ed): 1994 (2nd imp;2nd ed): 1995 ( 3rd imp; 2nd ed)


  1. 10 December 1978, Barley Church, near Royston (Herts, UK), Chanticleer Chamber Choir, Richard Lambert (conductor)
  2. 20 December 1992, Royston Parish Church carol service (Herts, UK), Adrian Jacobs (organ), Richard Lambert (conductor)
  3. 14 December 1993, Fulbourn Church, Cambridge, UK, Chanticleer chamber choir, Roger Pope (organ), Richard Lambert (conductor)
  4. 19 December 1993, Royston Parish Church carol service, (Herts, UK), Richard Lambert (conductor)
  5. 17 December 1997, St. Helen’s School carol service (Middx, UK), Tansy Castledine (organ), Richard Lambert (conductor)

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