Dedicated to The Revd Jane Baxter of The Lyddington Benefice – The Parishes of Bisbrooke, Caldecott, Glaston, Harringworth, Lyddington, Stoke Dry, Seaton and Thorpe by Water.

Settings, in English, of responses from The Order for the Celebration of the Holy Communion, from the Common Worship Services of the Church of England.

This collection can be used as appropriate — some responses can be omitted musically, if the occasion demands, and spoken instead.

The set uses responses from all alternatives of the Eucharistic Prayers A–H. For accomplished church choirs, the SATB harmonisations will enhance a service; alternatively, the melody line can be simply sung in unison with organ accompaniment.

The organ can either double the choral parts, or where appropriate, be omitted altogether. Some responses are provided with a brief organ introduction to establish pitch, and should be used.

  1. He is risen indeed. Alleluia.
  2. Amen. Lord, have mercy.
  3. Glory to God in the highest (this full setting of the Gloria is free-standing, and may be used for other occasions)
  4. a. (The Gospel): Glory to you, O Lord. b. Praise to you, O Christ.
  5. (Preparation of the Table): Blessed be God for ever.
  6. (Eucharistic Prayer): To you be glory and praise for ever.
  7. (Sanctus and Benedictus): Holy, holy, holy Lord… and Blessed is He…
  8. Christ has died: Christ is risen: Christ will come again.
  9. Blessing and honour and glory and power be yours for ever and ever. Amen.
  10. Amen.
  11. This is our song: Hosanna in the highest.
  12. a. Amen. Lord, we believe. b. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. c. Amen. Come, Holy Spirit.
  13. The Lord`s Prayer.
  14. (Agnus Dei): Jesus, Lamb of God: have mercy on us. Jesus, bearer of our sins: have mercy on us. Jesus, redeemer of the world: grant us peace.
  15. (Dismissal prayer): In the name of Christ. Amen.
  16. (alternative Dismissal Prayer): Thanks be to God. Alleluia. Alleluia.