Published in 2021 by Forton Music, and arranged from earlier material, There are four versions of the Three Ballads: 

 Lyrical, elegiac and nostalgic in style, the pieces in each album are not intended to be performed as a suite. They are individual duos (each with an identical piano accompaniment), ideal for concert use and for free-style examination pieces.

The first two ballads are reworked from discarded material in an early opera – Yellow Earth Ridge – produced in 1976 and later withdrawn. Never waste a good melody! The third one is an elaborate reworking of a song from … too bitter sweet (2017).

The three ballads are:

  1. Beneath a red sun (c. 4’ 40’’)
  2. Rains in the Third Month (c.4’)
  3. (Echo) … in the silence of the night (c.3’ 45’’)


Three Ballads are available from  Forton Music.

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