A sonata for bassoon and piano in three movements, with a mix of modal, atonal and diatonic styles.

  • 2011
  • 13 minutes
  • For Miriam Butler

Audio clips from ‘Through the Void’ album, Quartz label QTZ2142

Elizabeth Trigg (bassoon), Francis Pott (piano)

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Bassoon Sonata –
I.  Allego moderato

Bassoon Sonata –
II. Larghetto

Bassoon Sonata –
III. Allegro con spirito

See and hear digitally generated  extracts of the score:

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“In a rare treat, visiting composer Richard Lambert played three movements of his Sonata with bassoonist Miriam Butler, for whom the piece was written. This world premiere saw the pianist accompany the sinuous notes of the woodwind with a tip top accompaniment in an accomplished, light and very English performance much appreciated by the audience. It was a privilege to watch such a modest, skilful and relaxed duet.”
Anne Canalp, Cyprus Today 10 Oct 2012

“…very beautiful music. I am very interested in playing this sonata.”
Antonio Aray, Caracas, Venezuela. Sept 2014

“I listened to your piece and it looks like quite a unique and challenging piece.”
Blaire K. S. Koerner, Rochester NY.  Sept 2014

“I find it very creative, charming and interesting. Certainly I’m going to consider performing it at some point.”
Aleksandar Ranisavljev, 1st solo bassoon RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. 5 Jan 2019


‘Sonata for Bassoon & Piano’ is published by Forton Music.


  1. 5 October 2012 at the International North Cyprus Music Festival, Bellepais Monastery, near Kyrenia, by Miriam Butler (bassoon) and the composer (piano)
  2. 6 October 2012 at the Karmi (Karaman) village church, near Kyrenia, North Cyprus, by Miriam Butler (bassoon) and the composer (piano) — third movement only.
  3. 1 October 2017 at the Tateuchi Hall at the Community Hall for Music and the Arts, Mountain View, San Jose CA 94040. Matt Volkar (bassoon), Melody Fu (piano).

Miriam Butler and composer take the bow after the premiere in Bellepais Monastery, Northern Cyprus, October 2012

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