The Sonata for Timpani & Piano was composed in 2020 as the result of a commission from Dr Ho Man-yiu Victor, the Director of both South Hong Kong Island Youth Concert Band and the South HK Island Institute. Three timpani were specified, but the work would probably be facilitated by using four.

The first movement was the actual commissioned work but it was decided to expand this into a three-movement sonata, utilising other percussion instruments (mark tree, triangle and suspended cymbal) as extra ‘colours’ to the timpani sound in the central movement. The piano accompaniment is intended to be an equal partner in this work. Besides being a concert work in its own right, another intention when writing the sonata was to provide three separate pieces for higher-grade examinations.

Balance will be an issue with this work. Dynamics may well need adjusting, and the timpanist must observe precisely the softer dynamics especially.

Thanks must be given to percussionists Aidan Geary (LCM examiner) and Graham Hosker (TCL examiner) for their technical advice and knowledge of exam requirements.

  1. City Life: Down the Tube
  2. Reminiscence
  3. Scherzo burlesco

Total duration: 8 minutes 45 seconds