These five pieces are elaborate transcriptions of To One, five songs to poems by Christina Rees (1985), which convey the countless moods associated with a relationship.  The work has since been idiomatically arranged for numerous instruments.

The first piece, ‘Empty Night’, where the poem evokes the desolation of a separation, employs a free use of tonality, chromaticism and prominent use of the augmented fourth within a minor mode, all of which help to create a feeling of despair.

The mood lightens with the second piece, ‘To Entice You’, The lyrics are erotic and seductive, and it is structured within a gently sardonic waltz style.

The third piece, ‘Bared to the soul’, has a wide dynamic range and uses a straightforward ternary structure, where the outer sections revert to unusually juxtaposed chords as in the first piece.

‘I Learn my Name’, the fourth piece, is more relaxed, using jazz-style chords and a variety of moods and tone colours.

The finale, ‘Christening’, concludes the set in triumphant mood.  Set within a firm A major tonality, it once again utilises chording remote from this key, and chord clusters, perhaps suggesting an ominous fragility beneath the superficial confidence and display.


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