A lively piece for flute and piano combining the atmosphere of an Irish jig and cowboy music!

  • 1980
  • 2 minutes, 45 seconds
  • For Abby


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‘Abigail’s Jig’ is published by Forton Music in the Album: Cameos


  • Published in ‘Music’ GCSE Revise Guide: Longman 1990 (1st imp, 1st ed): 1992 (2nd imp; 1st ed): 1993 (2nd imp; 2nd ed): 1994 (2nd imp; 2nd ed): 1995 ( 3rd imp; 2nd ed): 1997 (3rd ed): 2000 (3rd imp; 3rd ed)
  • Published by Forton Music (December 2016) in Cameos for flute and piano (FM 617) with Cantilena and Five Short Pieces


  1. 30 September 1987 St Christopher School, Letchworth (Herts, UK), Simeon Wood (flute)
  2. 10 May 1988 St Christopher School, Letchworth, (Herts, UK), Simeon Wood (flute)
  3. 9 June 1995 Plinston Hall, Letchworth. Concert with The Welwyn Garden City Male Voice Choir. Ayako Hasegawa (flute) in an arrangement (by the composer, piano) with Minako Tsuchihashi (violin)
  4. 8 June 1996 ‘Carfax’ Broadway, Letchworth (Herts, UK), Ayako Hasegawa (flute)
  5. 2 April 1998 Fitzwilliam College Chapel, Cambridge (UK), Abby Lambert (flute)
  6. 10 May 2001 St Helen’s School Northwood (Middx, UK), Emma Kelsey (flute)
  7. 24 June 2017 St Peter’s Church, Barrowden, Rutland (UK) Rachel Smith (flute)
  8. Summer 2019  – Music Studio of Man-Yiu Ho, South Hong Kong Island Institute. Koo Chi Yung (flute) ALCM Diploma examination, with LCM examiner Tim Rogers.
  9. Winter 2019 – Music Studio of Man-Yiu Ho, South Hong Kong Island Institute. ALCM Diploma flute examination, with examiner Hugh Sutton.

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