Meriman Rondo was composed in 1980 for the Buntingford and Royston Schools’ Concert Band.

The work is a big band, rock and jazz fusion with two solo sections for trombone and trumpet. 

The Rondo is structured as follows:

4-bar intro

A – the main 8-bar rondo theme

B – a 16-bar jazz-style episode with trombone solo

A – return of the main theme

B1 – trumpet solo jazz episode

A1 – main theme with an added counter melody in the wind

B2 – Latin-American style with no solos this time

A2 – rondo theme. Horns take the counter melody

B3 – final statement of the Latin-American jazz episode with the two soloists combined.

4-bar intro returns

A3 – final statement of the rondo theme with both themes.