seven bells

A lively movement for seven trumpets and piano in an extended ternary form using a mixture of styles – from pseudo Irish folk to ballad pop.

  • 1987
  • 4 minutes


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Richard Lambert has written a unique piece for seven trumpets and piano. The style is jazz meets blue-grass meets folk with a lyrical middle section. All seven trumpets are given equal importance and much use is made of various mutes to add colour. It is not an easy piece, all seven players need to be of at least grade 6 standard. The piece is fun to listen to and to play and would make a great concert piece in any music service brass or wind band programme. I wonder if Richard would consider adding optional bass and drum parts?

Malcolm Crane


Seven Bells is published by UMP.


  1. 19 June 1987 Walton Room, Highbury House, North Herts Music Centre, Hitchin (Herts, UK), Buccinate Brass Ensemble, Richard Lambert (piano)


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